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National Package

Design Competition

First Place


To showcase my focuses on sustainability and diverse products for a range of hair textures




Sewing Machine

I taught myself how to

sew for this project!

Fall 2018, I entered a national design competition hosted by Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD). I was given white, 8oz tubes and tasked with creating a brand for a cosmetic product.

​VOUS is a brand dedicated to the consumer. This series addresses the lack of diverse hair products in the market today. Enhancing the users natural hair texture was key to how I approached the package. I chose three hair types to focus on: curly hair, straight hair, and beard hair. I named the brand VOUS, meaning "you" in French, to subtly show the consumer my product was created with them in mind.

​Another area of focus for this product was sustainability. I wanted VOUS to address my consumers’ needs in an innovative, practical, and reusable way. Rather than paper that is torn and discarded, I wanted a package that would continue to benefit my consumer. I challenged myself with a medium new to me and learned to sew. I created reusable, spill-proof travel bags for my package design.

Winning this competition came with a few perks.


Awards Ceremony in Manhattan Beach, California

During this ceremony, I was able to mingle with the CEOs and founders of cosmetic companies such as Coola and Eos, and many other prominent figures in the packaging industry.

9 Month Package Design Internship with Mary Kay

It breaks my heart to say I was unable to accept this internship due to other obligations, but how cool is this?

$5,000 of Cold Hard Cash

This couldn't have come at a better time. The week I won, my computer at the time bit the dust. Hello new Macbook Pro!

$25,000 Promise to The Design Department

The winning designer's school (Oregon State University) was promised $25k to help build their design department,

All Expenses Paid Trip to Barcelona, Spain

While in Spain, I went on a private design tour of Barcelona, toured packaging and manufacturing companies, and shadowed designers at an incredible package design company, Quadpack.

Vous Branding
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