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At Lake Washington Girls Middle School you’ll find a challenging learning environment, one that focuses and celebrates the educational journey of middle school girls, and where you will find students stretching themselves both academically and extracurricularly.


LDUB is a community that understands middle school to be an integral leg on the journey of self discovery – a place where you will forge lifelong friendships; friendships that accept you for you.

Learn more about LDUB and see how their new brand system is applied across their website by

During my role at HUB Collective, I had the opportunity to spearhead the design efforts for the rebranding of Lake Washington Girls Middle School. Entrusted with the role of design lead, I dove into the project with an attentive eye, aiming to elevate their branding to new heights.


My role included an analysis of their current branding system and pinpointing areas for improvement. I get to work creating a new brand identity for LDUB, a transformation that encompassed a rejuvenated interpretation of their existing logo, meticulously crafted brand guidelines, and tangible examples showcasing the revitalized brand's application across both print and digital mediums.



An affordable way to promote your brand awareness. May be sent as reminders to existing students and their families and also to new, potential students.



Used for increased brand presence, as well as wayfinding on campus. Small, concise bits of information. Adds a pop of color to the unique and memorable experience.


Brand Guidelines

A set of rules that define the overall look and feel of the brand. Guidelines help you build a brand identity that your audience can recognize across all platforms.

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