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Shiny New Design
Coming Soon!

I'm always looking for ways to improve how I present my portfolio, and am currently redesigning! More details, an updated layout, and a closer look at my process coming soon!


In my role as Design Manager and Head of Branding, I worked closely with the marketing department in areas including social media, holiday sale campaigns, motion graphics, and website content and maintenance. I prototyped and pitched packaging, apparel, swag, and product designs – not to mentioned the entire rebrand with brand guidelines and strategy.


I learned the ins and outs of designing print files for various products and advertising them with editable mockups. I managed a team of designers and delegated design tasks, and found a renewed passion for leading a team to victory.

One of my favorite accomplishments was launching the website that I designed, wireframed in Sketch, and worked with a team of developers to bring our vision to life. 

I was responsible for designing product artwork for our licensed work with companies such as Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. This involved working with copyrights and strict styleguides.


Inked Gaming had 1,182 Instagram followers when I joined the team. As I transitioned into a new job the number was 7,560 in August 2021. As of August 2023, only 2 years later, Inked Gaming has reached 16.5k followers by following the design and marketing strategy I helped put in place.

Inked Gaming Branding

Transitioning into a new brand couldn't have happened without the help of my design team Lily Liu, Eevee Gaither, and Hannah Dowell. And a huge shoutout to Sarah Berge, a true marketing mastermind.

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