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Branding and Environmental Design of Kraken, a gaming store recently launched in Corvallis, Oregon


To bring a memorable shopping and entertainment experience to the gaming community through merging the worlds of tabletop gaming and sports cards


Branding + Strategy

Interior Design


Display Signage

Package Design

Website (x2)

Ordering Products

Construction Feedback

Podcast Branding

Branding Kraken was one of the tougher design challenges I have faced and is now one of my proudest accomplishments. The goal was to develop a brand and create an environment that anyone would be comfortable in. Whether it be a student gamer who stopped by between classes to pick up a playmat, a baseball fanatic checking out their newest sports cards, or a mom stopping by on her way to brunch to buy a board game for her family. With the target audience being broad but with a focused niche in gaming, I had to be creative in my branding.

I settled on a mature color palette to create a welcoming space for the older demographic, but included a bright pop of orange to catch the attention of the younger audience. It's also a resemblance of the muted palette of games like Magic: The Gathering and the brightness of the accent color mimics the colors of Pokemon, the main two game focuses of Kraken. Partnered with this palette is ocean imagery and raw wood textures to play on the theme of Kraken and mimic visuals of a ship. 

During the early stages of construction I had the pleasure of working with the incredible artist, Courtney Marchesi, and was involved in the creative process of Kraken's pride and joy, their 12x20 foot mural. More exciting installments coming soon as we work with a construction team to bring the next level of our vision to life!


Shoutout to Lily Liu for her incredible illustrations that really brought the brand together.

Designs are property of Kraken.

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