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Hey, I'm Kat!

Designer, kickboxer,

dog mom, and plant collector with a genuine passion for living life and all things design.


Branding + Strategy

Package Design

Art Direction

Social Media




Print Design

Digital Design


I vow to never stop learning and growing in the creative world. I'm confident in my ability to adapt to new design challenges and love trying my hand at various creative avenues. My newest adventure includes ceramics and woodworking.


What my clients and mentors have to say...

I loved how collaborative and easy-going the process was and am so happy with how the logo turned out! She designed the logo and incorporated a few edits all while helping plan her sister's bachelorette party and wedding. If that's not badass,

I don't know what is!

- Hannah Whitley

Kat's design work is powerful and vibrant

and she is great to work with. I appreciated how she listened to what I was looking for and brought my ideas to life, better than

I could have imagined!

- Cindy Konrad

If you want someone who is going to

work their butt off to make sure you get the best product possible then look no further! Kat is a phenomenal designer who takes great passion in was she produces. Not only is she an extremely fun person to work with, but she has received national recognition for

her work.

- Joe Hunsaker

Kat is one of our TOP (tippity-top) students who absolutely LOVES what she is doing and finds a way to weave it into everything she does. Kat doesn't simply 'do' and assignment - she finds ways to go above and beyond. Her motivation really seems to stem from a passion for graphic design and to challenge herself at every turn.

- Christine Gallagher

Kat is an incredible designer and student. It is clear in her work, that she excels in many facets in her craft. She also learns from her effort. In Brand Design Systems, Kat was able to objectively look at her early iterations and advance them forward with work that was more viable as an identity system. In this same class, she provided thoughtful, kind, but critical feedback to her peers which I appreciated. She raised the bar in the class and is thorough in her work.

- Rick Febre

Kat has shown a willingness to mentor and encourage the students behind her. She created a 40 minute lecture on how to work with clients and build a freelance practice while still in school, and delivered it to the sophomores as part of our professional development course. She's also achieved a pretty impressive status of design director at a local company while still a student and has gone out of her way to look for opportunities to hire other students for projects. This shows that she's got some great leadership qualities, high level design skills for her experience level, and a selfless attitude toward other designers.

- Deann Garcia

Want to chat about freelance projects, job opportunities, or just want to say hey? Let's talk!

I'll be in touch!

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